Month: February 2018

AS Aircon Servicing Reviews

I am a business owner for over a decade now and I continue to rely on AS Aircon Servicing whenever my air-conditioner breaks down. The quality of their work is recognized by individual clients and businesses in the city.

They can fix much bigger tasks as well. I’ve had a service contract with them for my centralized air-conditioner and they always handle it with professionalism. Service packages are also affordable which makes them the perfect partner for my business.

Zhao Fei Goh

I didn’t know which AS aircon company in Singapore to choose to fix my broken AC. There were a ton of companies claiming they were the best on the web and papers. My friend told me about AS Aircon Servicing and I must say they didn’t disappoint.

The servicemen they sent were very professional and did their work without creating any fuss in the house. Not only were they able to fix my unit, they were friendly giving me advice after on how to properly take care of my AC.

Nasuha Lee

Doing a quick search on the web pointed me to AS Aircon Servicing. I was doubtful at first because I am not savvy at these kinds of things. However, when I tried booking their services I was pleasantly surprised the it was easy to do.

After booking their technicians, I received a call and immediately got a schedule for my maintenance service. The repair was quick and clean which really saved me the hassle of cleaning up after any kind of home service. I got a quote and surprisingly it wasn’t that expensive too. Thanks AS Aircon Servicing!

Daniel Ong

My AC was not blowing cold air and it was leaking at the back. I called a friend for some advice and he pointed me to AS Aircon Servicing. Their chemical overhaul service was what they recommended we tried upon checking the condition of our unit.

You could readily tell that they were professionals because you’d see them take all the safety precautions needed before applying the chemicals. They cleaned up well afterwards too. I have to say their service was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I will surely call whenever my AC acts up again!

Yi Ling Chan

I needed some help with the air-conditioner at my parent’s house. It has been on stand-by for years which meant it needed a clean-up job. The maintenance service effectively done and the aircon is performing well after it.

The service was not pricey as well. We talked with the technicians while they were working and they told us that my dad’s air-conditioner had a chance to be rejuvenated. Now, it’s cooling our old home again. They will definitely get my vote.

Gary Chua

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