Brackets or the Fire Extinguisher Holders
& Mounting Location Photos:

     The brackets for the fire extinguishers were usually made of a stamped steel type construction using rivets to attach the tops and bottoms. Often times the contents from the extinguisher has leaked out causing some fairly good corrosion and severe pitting. The paint on these was usually just an enamel and appears to have been dipped. You may find yourself buying a "junk" extinguisher to obtain a bracket for the extinguisher you are restoring.

     The best way to restore these brackets is to first bead blast the old paint and rust off. Next use a very good metal primer such as zinc chromate to ensure an excellent bond between the metal and the finish coat. Finish off the bracket with an enamel paint that is of the correct color for that bracket.  
     Each manufacturer had it's own style of bracket for its extinguisher. Often several styles were introduced over the years. On this page we will mainly focus on brackets used on the Chris Craft boats. The 1938 Chris Craft Accessory Catalog mentions a "Chris Craft Finish". You will notice this to be the same enamel that Chris Craft used for their bilge paint.  
     Unfortunately, you will have to use a spray gun to get a smooth finish. You will not be able to find this color in a spray can. I tried them all with no success. Use an HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun.  You can run the paint straight through the gun without  thinning it as recommended by the manufacturer. When I mention "unfortunately" above, I am referring to: unfortunately you will have to clean your gun after use for such a small project. But you will get  a nice finish due to all the irregular curves and angles by spraying.

These are brackets for the early General fire extinguisher. The one on the left has been restored. The one on the right is in the original condition you will often find. They will either have a black enamel or you may find one with the old Chris Craft "Mahogany" bilge paint color.

Two more examples of General brackets. These came on the extinguishers starting in the mid 50's. About the same time General switched to their newer body styles (the models with the painted handles). This bracket no longer used rivets. The top and bottom pieces were attached with simple bends of the base metal. The bracket on the left is completely original and shows the "Chris Craft Finish" mentioned in the 1938 Accessory Catalog. The bracket on the right has been restored with the correct finish.

Brackets used on the Chris Craft boats.

These have all been restored using the process mentioned in the section above.
1.  The first one or the one on the left is a Pyrene bracket.  Shown in the Chris Craft Accessory Catalog in 1936 and 1937.
2.  The second one is a General bracket.  It was used on the boats in 1938 and possibly 1939.  Shown in the 1938 Chris Craft Accessory Catalog.  Extremely rare.
3.  The third bracket is another General and was possibly the most common bracket. Used on the boats from 1939 to about 1956 and shown in the Chris Craft Accessory Catalogs as well.
4.  The fourth bracket had a limited production, also a General.  It shows the transition between bracket #3 to bracket #5.
5.  The last bracket General used came on the extinguishers starting with the "painted handles" models.  From about 1956 to the early 1960's.

Mounting Locations For The Chris Crafts:
Shown below are various old photos revealing the mounting location for the different Chris Craft models and years. As more are documented, I will post these to assist people in their restoration process. If you have an old documented photo, please send it to me so I can add it to the page to share with others.  This is very critical information that many restoration people are looking for and asking about. Your input would be very well appreciated by all.

A 1929 Chris Craft, photo from the operators manual.
Courtesy Jim McGrath

A 1933 21' Chris Craft Custom Runabout.

A 1940 Chris Craft 17' Barrel Back. Shows screw holes only-original wood.

Same as above, close up. Original wood and mounting screw holes.
(can't explain the baby blue paint)

A 1942 17' barrel back Chris Craft.
Correct extinguisher and mounting location.

Close up of above extinguisher and mounting location.

More bracket information to come as it is documented.

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