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5 factors to consider before hiring a plumber

Your home or business establishment could have all sorts of plumbing problems. One of the toilets could be non-functional, or perhaps there are leaks in your pipes which could cause low water pressure and water damage to boot. In those kinds of cases, it would be much better if you hired a plumber to come and fix all of those plumbing issues. As long as you hire a professional to do the job, then you can rest assured that those plumbing issues are all going to be fixed.

But how exactly do you find a trustworthy plumber that you can hire? There are just too many out there offering their services, and not every plumber is up to the job. If you would like to ensure that you are hiring the best people to come and fix your home’s plumbing, then there are a fix things that you should take note of. Consider all of these things whenever you are trying to fix a professional plumber that you can hire.

How much do they charge?

You should always consider the costs of hiring a plumber. It can be a good idea to compare how much each different plumbing company charges, so you find the plumbers that offer the best price.

Are they certified?

Try to ask the plumbing company if they have got some certification. If they are certified, then they have proof that they have gotten the necessary training to perform professional plumbing services.

Can they provide any references?

You may want to ask the plumber if they can provide any references. An experienced plumber should readily provide you with the contact details of their past jobs, and you should give those references a call as well, to get a good sense of how well the plumber does their job.

Are they offering a warranty?

If you want the most value for the money that you pay the plumber, it would be better to hire a company that offers some form of warranty. By getting a warranty, the plumber will just come back and fix your plumbing, whenever it does break down again within the warranty period.

Is their customer service polite?

When you call the plumbing company, try to take note of how polite they are over the phone. If your interactions with them over the phone are respectful and polite, then chances are, their in-person presence would also be respectful too.

You must carefully consider all of these factors before you hire a plumber. This is because the kind of plumber that you end up hiring could be determined by whether or not you have carefully considered all of these factors. It is possible to find the perfect people to fix all of your plumbing at home, as long as you have carefully followed all of these steps. The kind of people that you do end up hiring will largely be determined if you have chosen them based on these factors. So try to be careful about who you hire as your plumber. We recommend for all your plumbing needs.

The “correct” fire extinguisher for the Chris Craft manufacturing years.

Source for information below is from the Chris Craft Accessory catalogs/price list from the various years. If shown in the accessory catalog, with picture, it is stated by the extinguisher model as AC. Another form of verification were the Chris Craft New Boat Catalogs. Extinguishers on the new boats could be found in the back ground of certain shots of the larger Chris Craft cabin rooms and galleys. These will be designated next to the extinguisher model with a CCC.
Be aware that Chris Craft often used old stock photos for their catalogs. This has been cross checked against the manufacturing dates of the General fire extinguishers for accuracy. The last patent date mentioned, refers to the earliest date possible that extinguisher could have gone into production
Overlap years: This pertains to the Chris Craft model year change (August) and possible conflict from General or Pyrene supplying the inventory needs for Chris Craft. I have tried to be as exact as possible regarding the “correct” model for the Chris Craft production year. By designating a particular year as an overlap year, it should allow or compensate any change in a new model fire extinguisher introduced which didn’t exactly fit the Chris Craft model (August) physical year change. This should also compensate for any “in stock” fire extinguishers that Chris Craft had in stock and simply put on the next years model. In that Chris Craft would have ordered in bulk to receive a discount, this is more than likely possible.
Until a Chris Craft Engineering Change and/or a Shop Memorandum surface designating a specific hull # with a new style extinguisher mounted on it, I feel it is best to allow some leeway as to letting two models be available for a year in question. Currently, there are just too many variables to be that specific. See the “General” or “Pyrene” pages for further detailed information and photos on the different model changes and year of production.

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