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History of Vintage Fe

This web page is an ongoing research page focusing on American built fire extinguishers. There have been untold hundreds of thousands of fire extinguishers manufactured by various companies. These alone can be broken down into different chemical types, sizes and manufacturers. Each manufacture may have made the same kind of extinguisher with a variety of different labels. This web page will focus on the American made, vintage, brass, one quart size. These were generally used for home use, cars, planes, trains, and boats.
The main reason for starting this web page, and where the research is concentrated on for now are the vintage Chris Craft boats or General fire extinguishers. Every Chris Craft boat starting in the 1920’s came with one and it is listed so as being on the hull card. Yet finding the “correct” model and style seems to be a vague subject. This just lead to other interesting extinguishers and questions.
Input or contributions in the way of material to this web page would be appreciated. By building information to this web page we can assist the people that are into restoration projects and perhaps looking for the proper fire extinguisher for their vehicle. Documented material (actual old pictures) or brochures with dates are the best source for reliable documentation.

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