A very old Pyrene brochure, about 1920.  

Pyrene ads.  From 1914, 1918 & 1926 in that order.
All showing the "original" model below.

(Also a before and after of the same extinguisher regarding refinishing)
The original Pyrene.  Here are it's distinct features.  
1.  The fill cap is located in the front.  A winged type nut with a button/vent.  
Not a hex nut in the back like most other fire extinguishers.
2.  The handle is one piece.  All other models have a pin in them.
3.  The indented circles (top and bottom) are rounded.
4.  The top of the label is embossed, but no color.  Just brass.
5.  It has the indented elongated ribbed back.
6.  Has dates on it, but no actual patent number.

 The next style of Pyrene
and the Oct. 16, 1928 patent.
Distinctive Features:
1.  Different label design.
2.  Top and bottom ribs more squared off.
3.  Same ribbed back as above.
4.  The fill cap is now located in the back.  
5.  Hex bolt head design for the fill cap.
6.  Pin in the handle top.
7.  Reveals a patent number of October 6, 1928.

To the left, a 1931 Pyrene ad.  
Extinguisher matches photo.

More Pyrene extinguishers to come as they are documented.

Pyrene fire extinguisher fluid. Since these extinguishers were not pressurized,
one would simply pour in the liquid when they were low or empty.


WW II Jeep with a Pyrene. Not a great picture, but authentic and correct of the era.  
Pyrene fire extinguishers were used on the military vehicles as well as other manufactures.

 This web page is still in the construction phase.  There were many different Pyrene extinguishers manufactured with a wide variety of labels.  They were also manufactured in several different countries as well.  Don't think any Pyrene is the right model for your restoration.  Research this one wisely. Their patent dates are widely misleading as to their actual manufacturing.  

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