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Common Air Conditioner Service Complaints

When you enter many kinds of private rooms, malls, shops, stores, offices, etc., you will feel the cool wind of the equipment found on the ceilings, windows, or just plain portable cooling stand silently blowing the whooshing air inside the premises and wanted to stay for a moment to feel the breezing wind. This unit that you see are called air conditioner.

Airconditioners are good for hot and cold climate. They are adjustable AC units. You can adjust it into a certain temperature depending on the cooling effect you want the AC to give.

There are many issues encountered by owners of the cooling system which require aircon servicing. These are the common ones:

1. The filter of your AC is unclean. A blocked filter through the AC will decline its functionality and lowers the ability to emit cool wind. The filters of an AC should constantly replace once a month. This should be properly followed if your unit is a central AC and if you are using the unit continuously or pets are present in your home.

2. The AC unit are emitting warm wind. For this kind of complaints, see to it that the windows are tightly closed. There should be no leakage of warm wind or the cool air coming out from inside the window. If this happens, close the window.

3. The unit is very near on the TV. A TV or lamps that is near the AC will affect the thermostat of the unit. The thermostat will conduct the heat of these equipments which causes for you to work longer than required.

4. The registers of the unit are unclean or clogged which is why aircon not cold. If you have a system with force wind cooling or heating, you have to clean the dust particles present in the registers or check for any appliances that may be blocking the emitted cool wind.

5. The thermostat of your AC have the improper configuration. If you have thermostat that is adjustable, let the temperature of the AC stay in regular mode. If you go out from your home, see to it that the degrees are higher. Take note: that an increase degree of the temperature will lessen the energy cost by 3%

6. Window AC does not have the same capacity to emit cool wind with that of the central unit. If your window unit does not give the coolness you want in a big room, you can try configuring the thermostat. This kind of unit emits cool wind variation in a certain space.

7. The sun directly warms the window system. The system will have difficulty cooling your room. It will also have negative effect to your thermostat by emitting the wrong temperature applied to your AC.

8. The plants near your AC are blocking the compressors. Always check that the AC have 2-3 feet distant away from the unit. There distance, on top of the AC from any constructions or trees, should be 5 feet apart.

9. The AC unit should be regularly checked by a professional technician to fix any repairing complications before it fails to operate. They will evaluate the capacity function of your AC and its refrigerant; and they will also recharge your unit as required.

Cool wind is really needed in a very hot environment. Your AC helps by allowing the cool wind to emit outdoors which results in protecting you from the hot temperature under the sun that causes heat strokes. It is also a very useful tool to prevent occurrence of dehydration due to too much sweat that gets out from your system.

It is important to let your AC be repaired the minute it stops working, because the gains of using it, can save you from an unhealthy state.

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