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What Are The Advantages Of An Epoxy Coating For Concrete Flooring?

The advantages of epoxy coating in industrial environments and other commercial spaces are undeniable and quite impressive. These types of floor coatings have become quite the standard and for good reason. Have you checked out the benefits of opting for an epoxy coating over concrete flooring? Epoxy floor coatings create a very durable surface that is top notch on all levels, fit for the industrial workplace.

Are you planning on applying the epoxy coating yourself? If so, you need to know the right steps to take. There is prep work required as you can imagine, such as repairing cracks and cleaning up any grease and/or other substances. You want a clean, clear and crack free floor. Sometimes, the steps you take can depend on the specific project. For example, some projects require not only the epoxy paint coat but also a top coat.

It needs to be mentioned as well that a primer also needs to be used. The floor painting is going to take down time, so plan it for downtime if necessary. For instance, the time between the application of the primer and the actual epoxy paint is several hours. Patience is necessary, but that floor is going to look great and last a long time. That is quite a good combination, a good looking and durable industrial floor.

This type of epoxy painting is also popular with residential homeowners when it comes to garages. It makes the concrete floors look much better, and as mentioned, they last longer, too. These coatings are said to also really brighten up a space. That can be important when you are talking about industrial environments that need that extra light.

Not only are the epoxy floor coatings said to be durable, but they are also said to be easy to clean. That is another big advantage for industrial work environments. They are also said to be stain resistant on many levels, which you can imagine is also quite accommodating. Employees in an industrial environment work safely to prevent spills, but they do happen. It is nice to know that the epoxy paint is stain resistant.

The argument for applying that extra top coat is also starting to make more sense. If it is supposed to be even more protection for an already great flooring choice that is cost efficient, why not? You can talk over that with the contractor. Or, if it is a do-it-yourself project, then the decision about the top coating is yours to make.

These floors are also said to be slip resistant. They might look nice and sleek, but that doesn’t make them slippery. The epoxy floor coatings also make it easy to communicate pathways and industrial workplace traffic directions for the forklifts and more. What all you do dictates how much you spend, but that type of coating as mentioned is said to be a very cost efficient solution. How many square feet are you covering? The professionals can handle garages on up to commercial spaces with hundreds of thousands of square feet. For quality epoxy flooring work, you can hire Miracon Malaysia which is a top contractor in the country.

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